Communicate Design


I'm a UX designer and developer, currently building this analytics tool for nToklo. In developing it I've worked with the project director to turn business requirements into wireframes, then provide the design and build. The app is built using Backbone and d3js and works on current / recent mobile phones and tablets as well as modern browsers on desktop. I've done a lot of work recently on E2E testing, which is done using Selenium Grid running tests using Jasmine-Node.

Prior to this I spent 3 years designing and building various bits of Vodafone's mobile portal MyWeb.

These days I'm most interested in building web-apps for modern browsers and devices but I have extensive experience in mobile development - going back way before the iPhone to old browsers such as Openwave, Obigo, s40, s60 and SEMC.

If you're wondering why I don't have a blog or why this site is very basic from the web-developer point of view, I spend pretty much all of my spare time being a new father or chasing my dog around parks. If you want to see what I can do, check out that analytics tool I mentioned earlier.

What I do

In the 13-odd years that I've been developing I've worked with a lot of technologies, but I'm not going to bulk this out by including every single web acronym from that time. I now primarily code HTML / (S)CSS / JS, and in terms of frameworks I have a lot of experience with D3js and Backbone. I'm using React (who isn't these days?) for a project I'm working on for Vodafone at the moment, using Common JS for modular development with Browserify to bundle it all up. As a build tool I used Gulp for a while until I discovered Webpack and, after temporarily losing my sanity and permanently losing some hair I can say that hot-reloading is really quite wonderful. I can do quite a lot with PHP and I'm pretty happy using the Django framework, although I'm certainly not a software engineer. I don't do Angular. I also avoid jQuery as long as a project doesn't want to support IE8 and lower.

I have a lot of experience with coding for mobile devices. I work on a Mac.

Who I've worked for

I’ve spent a couple of years on and off contracting as a web developer for AKQA, working on projects for Nike, Sky, Sainsbury's, Virgin and Nokia Mobile. Prior to that I worked freelance on projects I ran myself, doing everything from web design and development through to corporate branding schemes, brochures, flyers, t-shirts, magazines, album sleeves and exhibition stands.

If you'd like to talk about a project, please email me or call 07595 221941.